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Death of a Butterfly
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31st-Oct-2031 12:07 am - My "Friends Only" Posts
L Lawliet

Avatar made by Buddypoke

As of 6/12/2011
Due to an overwhelming amount of spam on my public posts, I will be making all furture posts to this journal for friends only!

Please leave me a comment if you want me to add you as a friend.  If you aren't up for leaving a comment then just add me and I'll add you after I look at your profile and determine you aren't an online predator or spammer.

  Thanks! ^_^

12th-Feb-2014 09:14 pm - New Blogs are Ready to Go!!
My new blogs are finally ready to go!

One is a site that includes book, movie, anime, and game reviews by yours truly.  In order to build up some content, I will probably start off posting some things that I have posted here on Livejournal in the past.

The other is a site dedicated to my late friend, Travis.  It promotes acts of altruism, paying it forward, self improvement and over all positive news.
What sign were you born under in the Chinese lunar calendar? Do you think it accurately represents your animal spirit?

I'm a monkey!!!!  A metal monkey! ^_^  My son is a monkey too! He's a wood monkey!
28th-Nov-2010 09:21 pm - Kirsten Dunst- It's Been Too Long!!


Kirsten Dunst is staring in a movie that depicts Haruki Murakami's short story, The Second Bakery Attack!!! 
First the super hot Kenichi Matsuyama does a Haruki Murakami story, and now the even super hotter actress, Kirsten Dunst does one as well!!!!  How awesome can you get?

Instant joy-gasm!!!!!! ^_^

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29th-Oct-2010 08:25 pm - Autumn Nightmare/To Die in Autumn
neko girl
Autumn Nightmare
So much beauty is held within my family's nightmare!
The children pile up my brothers' remains,
Red, yellow, orange and brown.
They dive right into the middle with laughter,
Though they swim in a mountain of corpses
I am but a dead leaf, and never have I felt this beautiful!

To Die in Autumn
His blade slices through my flesh as though it were butter.
My fluids pour out; deepening the red of the autumn leaves.
That man is looking down, showering me with yellow, orange and brown.
The breeze blows through his hair, though I no longer feel it on this cold ground.
L Strawberry
Wow!!! Just, wow!!!  It's amazing how much America has changed since then!!!

23rd-Oct-2010 09:15 am - Oh, Look! I Wrote a Poem!
cherry blossom

Writing My Worlds

by *Neko80

As I start my day of redundant chores,
I think about my reality and realize I'm bored.
What is this world that consumes my life?
It's depressing and dim; as dull as a butter knife.
Every day I wake up, and what greets me first thing?
The same reality as before; that day after day brings.

So I sharpen my pencil to sit down and write.
Each word sings a note; to new worlds, it shines light.
I create and explore these new worlds with pride.
Every character speaks to me and tells me their side.
An adventure, a journey, a means to break free-
A chance to live dreams that in this world, will never be.

Story after story, I play God's hand-
Watching my children grow-
Seeing if they fall or flourish in their new land.
I'll lose myself to my written worlds in play.
And lifting me up- my characters beg me to stay.

Though I must always depart at the end of the day,
And live in this reality that is mine-
I know in my heart that my worlds are still there,
Just waiting for the right time.

23rd-Sep-2010 12:41 pm - ugggh!

This is the last day I'll be in my twenties!  Someone please freeze time for me!  I don't want to grow up!

My television spends 95% of it's time on showing preschool cartoons!  Some of them are very difficult to tolerate... like 8-10 straight hours of Dora or Diego... but of all of them- these are a few that I actually enjoy sitting down and watching with the kids!


Warning: Image HeavyCollapse )


19th-Sep-2010 03:45 pm - Writing Exercise: Alter Ego
purple rose

Alter Ego

There are two people housed in my body.

There’s me. And then there’s…Me.

There’s the me that would give her life for those she loves…

Then there’s the Me that doesn’t trust any of them.

There’s the me that could never hurt another human being…

And there’s the Me that wishes to destroy anyone who crosses her.

There’s the me who’s never thoughtless or unpleasant to anyone she comes in contact with…

And there’s the Me that loves to degrade and put the fleas in thier place.

There’s the me that sticks to wine and water…

And there’s the Me that thirsts for whisky and blood.

There’s the me who is modest in the purest form…

And there’s Me.. who knows nothing but perversion in MANY forms.

There’s me who puts up with abuse and obeys every command.

But then there’s Me… the one who answers to no one… 

the sadistic bitch who takes pleasure in seeing others tortured…

such as myself

16th-Sep-2010 07:59 am - Sora's Ultimate Weapon
Lawliet tynooki

I decided to mess with MS Paint last night and ended up making a Death Note Keyblade for Sora in Kingdom Hearts.  I used L's letter, Ryuk's earring (chain w/heart), Kira's pen, and of course- the apple.

It sort of proves I can't draw worth a damn.  It looks too bright and bubbly for me- like it's fresh out of Willy Wonka world.  Oh well.  That's why I pay people to do my art, right? ^_^

What should the special power be?  Should it drain lifespan from it's enemies and cause damage over time?  I have no idea!

Death Note Keyblade
11th-Sep-2010 06:14 pm - Writer's Block: My Personal Concert
If you could have any musician or band play live - just for you and your friends - who would you pick?

Of all the bands I've seen perform live, I think I'd have to pick the Smashing Pumpkins (with all the original band members).  I'm not as crazy about their music as I used to be, but they always put on a really good show.

Runners up:

Elfen Lied
My younger brother seth_rivers  wrote this.  he's so incredibly talented and he was nice enough to let me share this with everyone.  I really think you guys wil ennjoy this! ^_^

Death and afterlife according to Jonathon Matthew West (An auto mortography)Collapse )
How do you feel about public versus private schooling?

I don't really think I have the proper credintials to answer this considering I've only experienced one.  I think a lot of people are in the same boat.  How can someone compare anything without testing both sides first hand?
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